Fall is finally here! The leaves are turning and pumpkin spice is in the air. The weather is changing so why not change up your decor? We have some great tips to help you achieve this in the most sustainable way possible!


Why settle for tacky decor that is made out of plastic and requires a storage bin? You can avoid this hassle and keep your seasonal decor from ending up in a landfill by choosing natural elements that will give you beautiful zero-waste arrangements.

(and certainly put you in a festive spirit)


There are plenty of organic and sustainably sourced flower shops in New York City, but why go for organic flowers?

The use of fertilizers and pesticides in flower production adds chemicals in the soil that harm our environment and food chains. By choosing organic growing practices and sustainable harvest methods, there is a smaller impact on the earth which means more beautiful flowers for you!

Here is Design w Care's Top Choice for Flower Shops in New York area:


...prides themselves as being New York’s first sustainable flower shop.

They work with farms that prioritize fair labor conditions and reducing their carbon footprint by composting and using biodegradable and recyclable bags and tissue paper to eliminate as much packaging as possible.


...sources their flowers from a farm in Albany, New York that is run solely on solar energy and utilizes all flower waste as compost!

Saipua specializes in seasonal floral arrangements that are beautifully designed right in Brooklyn.


...selectively sources their flowers from Rain Forest Alliance certified farms and vendors, with a waste percentage of only 2%!

They deliver consumers original designed floral arrangements right to your door in packaging that is 100% recyclable.

If you prefer long lasting potted plants instead of seasonal fresh cut flowers, definitely explore this e-shop:


...sources their plants, soil and pots domestically and offer a wide range of different plant varieties that will give a unique look to your table centerpiece.

The Sill is the perfect option for those who want potted plants to keep in their home even after the season.

And of course you can always stop by your local farmers market to pick up some beautiful bouquets too!


To start, you’ll need something to put your flowers in. I recommend a larger vase or a small wicker basket if you already have one. If not, try and find one at your local Goodwill/thrift store or Newly has great recycled glass vases!

Then pick the perfect flowers that match the fall color palette. Go for flowers that are warmer, earthy and deeper tones like Chrysanthemums, Black-eyed Susans or Celosia.

Next you’ll want to trim the stems so they will fit in your vase nicely. You can use scissors or gardening shears, if you have them and cut the stems at a diagonal so they can soak up more water and last longer! Make sure you compost any stems or leaves you end up not using!

  • Arrange your flowers in a criss-cross pattern so they create a sturdy base.

  • Spread out your larger, focal flowers that you want to highlight.

  • Then, add your smaller, secondary flowers to fill in any gaps, which will round out your arrangement!

If you want to use a vase filler, try using something natural like fresh cranberries or pine cones which are compostable and will give your arrangement a nice earthy touch!

Fill your vase halfway with water. You’ll need to change out the water every three days or so to keep your flowers looking fresh and healthy!


When your flowers have dried up or you want to change out your flowers, all you really need to do is compost them! If you don’t have a compost bin or backyard compost at home, there are some great pick up services like Compost Now or you can drop off your compost to one of Common Ground Compost’s various locations.

After you're done with your bouquet, place it in a well lit part of your space with lots of natural light and add your favorite eco-friendly candle or palo santo stick to create the perfect fall mood.


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