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- while keeping the environment in your mind -

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together with good company and lots of good food! However, the holiday season also comes with a lot of waste. Show you’re thankful for our mother Earth and celebrate Thanksgiving in an eco-friendly way.

Zero Waste Holiday Table Setting | Design w Care | Eyeswoon
PC | Eyeswoon | Sarah Eliott

Hosting Thanksgiving is a big task. While it might seem easier to choose convenience with the craziness of the holiday season, this comes at the expense of the environment.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, the amount of trash produced in the United States increases by an estimated 25% — that’s about one million extra tons of garbage each week.

Inspired by Athena Calderone, well known for her interior design work, outstanding culinary skills and a lifestyle blog @eyeswoon we decided scope what's on the market to bring these eco-friendly table setting swaps.

Follow these simple steps to reduce your environmental impact and still keep your table setting festive and sleek it just like Athena's.


Zero Waste Holiday Table Setting | Design w Care | Coyuchi
PC | Coyuchi

Coyuchi napkin are made from 100% organic cotton, which are produced using 72% less energy than regular cotton. Organic cotton products are hypoallergenic as well, since they are not treated with pesticides or toxic chemicals. This makes it better for you and the planet.

Shop Napkins HERE

Be sure to choose to reuse and avoid resorting to single-use plastic, since it will end up in a landfill. Close to 40 billion individual plastic utensils are thrown out every year.

If you are running low on plates or utensils, have your family and guests contribute by bringing extra. Make your zero waste Thanksgiving a group effort and spread the eco-mindset to those you love.

Looking for the perfect Glassware?

These recycled glass will be A great addition to your eco friendly table.

Shop Recycled Glassware HERE

If you're looking for a clean-burning alternative to the paraffin Taper Candle we recommend looking into GoodLight's candle selection.

Find Similar Candles HERE


Zero Waste Holiday Table Setting | Design w Care | Eyeswoon
PC | Eyeswoon | Sarah Eliott

Stick to natural decor element. If you can’t eat it, reuse it or compost it, avoid it!

Arranging gourds, squash and pumpkins with added accents like cinnamon, leaves, pine cones or acorns can make a beautiful, earthy centerpiece around a bouquet of fresh flowers. Be creative!

Your table decor does not have to be over the top - keep it simple and minimalist, and it will look straight out of a magazine!

Read more about Flower Styling HERE


Zero Waste Holiday Table Setting | Design w Care | Maja Planet
PC | Laura Baross

The best part about Thanksgiving is all the leftovers you can enjoy after!

About $293 million of food waste will happen during Thanksgiving - and that's just for turkey alone.

Pack up all your leftover food in reusable containers and cover them with reusable wax wraps to keep the food fresh. If there is too much food for yourself to finish without waste, ask your guests to bring their own containers.

And of course, any food scraps from cooking or decor pieces you are finished with should be composted.

Start Composting HERE

Have a happy Thanksgiving!



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