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Laura Baross _ Design with Care _ Visual


Laura Baross, founder of DESIGN WITH CARE is a New York based visual artist, interior and content designer introducing a mindful approach to all of her creative work.

FAV MOTTO: "Starve the Ego, feed the Soul."


Laura has received accolades for her unique approach to design, being named Apartment Therapy's Class of 2020. Her work and lifestyle has been featured in Forbes, Apartment Therapy, Mind Body Green, Domino Mag, Medium, Harper’s Bazaar CZ and more.  You can follow her daily guidance to achieve visual harmony & eco-conscious living on instagram @laubaross.


We tackle each projects with a deep understanding of the importance of SUSTAINABILITY without sacrificing STYLE and AESTHETICS.

"Can anything we do in the 21st century even be considered sustainable? Sustainability isn’t a direct ticket to glory. It isn’t an endpoint that we reach simply by buying second-hand items or eating consciously. In an ideal world where people are committed to sustainable practices, we are all doing better for the environment. However, the approach can vary, the issues to tackle can be very specific and many times there is no single ‘Good Solution’ that solves it all. In my creative studio - Design with Care - we aspire to work with like-minded eco-conscious brands to help amplify sustainable & ethical commitments. In interior projects, we reuse what has already been created via secondhand & vintage decor, and we consider the true cost of every element that comes into the equation when sourcing furniture & finishes: the location, materials used, production, packaging – and of course all this has to fit in the client’s budget & style preferences. In addition to design & decor, we make space for starting conversations with our clients about how they can implement sustainable practices into their new space and their lives. Some projects can be considered more sustainable than others but that doesn’t discourage our efforts to try our best."

- Laura Baross for Dialogue NYC


We are a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in interior design, art direction, visual arts. We like to multitask with various visual arts, love to style & stage and provide art direction. The newest addition to our platform is the newly opened summer STUDIO DWC on Block Island. Find us on Chapel Street right next to the Luxury Fashion Consignment Shop.

so basically, DESIGN \\' CARE= stylish and environmentally-friendly interiors & visual art
Design with Care _Vintage Furniture

Interior Design

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Work with us, personalize your space and watch your space come to life in a few weeks. 

Design with Care _ Special Finishes

Art Direction

We create eco-friendly visual art through working with leading sustainable brands and using Art for Good.

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Design with Care _ Special Finishes.jpeg

Thank you for everything. My space has changed my life. It's the best investment I could have made. You made my home a home and I am forever grateful. 

Laura Baross _ Design with Care _ Lariss

I first learned about Laura Baross’s work in a zero-waste house tour we featured earlier this year. Baross, the founder and designer of the sustainable design practice Design w Care, is focused on making green design both accessible and beautiful. Her work feels both inspiring and doable at the same time — the kind of actionable, sustainable change we need going into 2020.

The change in our house and more importantly our mindsets has been incredible in the last 6 months. (I first emailed you 6 months ago!)

We are forever grateful!

Laura is simply a joy to work with. Finding a designer of her skill level with a sustainable focus is so rare, and her eye for design is one of the best I’ve seen. She was so good at communicating the vision throughout the process and each change she made was elegant and simple. I cannot wait to work with her again and allowing her to work her magic. Zero waste design for the win!

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