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Holiday Properties located in our summer residency - Block Island - are available for rent to the public. These fully furnished homes serve as a versatile getaway in the SS and available for creative gatherings all year around. The properties are styled and customized for summer stays as well as photo/video shoots, retreats and small events too.

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This 6 bedroom house is designed and inspired by summer living in the north east, particularly by the unique natural beauty of Block Island. It blends the indoor and outdoor environments with the expansive open-living plan along with glass windows and french doors covering the east side of the house. Wake up to the sunrise every morning, and enjoy plenty of natural sunlight, the island sea breeze, and breathtaking ocean views.


This three bedroom home is perfect for a couple with kids, but accommodating a group of six. The first floor features an open, bright living room with a nice modern kitchenette equipped with Smeg appliances, bathroom and a bedroom. The second floor has a private bedroom arrangement. Big lawn, ocean views and lots of natural light throughout the space is a huge win for nature lovers as well as creatives looking for ideal photo conditions.


A dreamy house surrounded by a beautiful forestry garden. The feeling of privacy is outstanding, not to mention the spectacular sunset views from the two top decks overlooking the National Wildlife Refuge and the North Lighthouse. Perfect for a family or two - especially with a separate cottage.

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