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Every year on November 1st we celebrate World Vegan Day, what's more the whole month of November is dedicated to this conscious way of living. To help celebrate this plant based month, we have some amazing tips for creating beautiful interiors that are animal-friendly and cruelty-free! It’s important to become aware of animal exploitation in products and find ways to resolve these problems without sacrificing style in interiors.


Vegan interior design means that no animals were used or harmed to make the product, nor was the product tested on animals. Humane and cruelty-free materials, fabrics and products are healthier for our planet because they do not harm, torture or exploit any living beings. Animal hides, skins and leathers are treated with chemicals.

Almost 200 million animals are exploited each year for the fur and leather goods industry.

However, vegan materials are gentler and better for us overall since they are not reliant on our planet’s resources and produce less toxins and waste. There is growing demand for companies to end animal testing and put a stop to producing animal products to replace them with healthier and ethical alternatives. Beautiful interiors are 100% possible without endangering animals or the earth.


vegan interiors | down alternatives | cruelty free home products | sustainable design | Design w Care


Flor believes that a stylish area rug doesn’t have to compromise the health of the earth. Say no to area rugs that are made of sheepskin and opt for a natural fiber rug.

Flor sources natural, recycled and reclaimed materials for all their rugs, reducing production, energy and water waste.

Flor offers a variety of colors, patterns and textures that will fit any home design or aesthetic.

Find Flor rugs HERE!


It takes up to 2 lbs of down to fill a standard comforter which means up to 30 ducks are plucked of their feathers.

Companies like Coyuchi and Buffy turn to more sustainable alternatives like organic cotton or eucalyptus to give consumers the coziest night sleep yet!

Find Coyuchi HERE

By creating products that utilize sustainable materials and innovative design that do not resort to animal cruelty and waste, they are able to give consumers the most comfortable night sleep yet.


vegan interiors | down alternatives | cruelty free home products | sustainable design | Design w Care

This Living Fresh blanket will keep you warm and cozy in the colder months without the use of wool, which comes at the cost of animal exploitation.

vegan interiors | down alternatives | cruelty free home products | sustainable design | Design w Care

This blanket is made from Tencel+Plus Lyocell fibers that are derived from plants which is completely biodegradable and sustainably grown so you can rest good and feel good!

Find them HERE

vegan interiors | down alternatives | cruelty free home products | sustainable design | Design w Care


Many furniture pieces are treated with VOCs and millions of animals are killed annually to make leather goods.

Many vegan leather products are made from synthetics and plastic which pollute the planet.

However, there are many other sustainable alternatives to leather goods such as Pinatex which is a vegan leather made from pineapple leaf fibers!

Not only is it cruelty free, it has a low environmental impact that avoids high production waste. Pinatex takes an eco-friendly approach to upholstery and the result is dreamy, minimalist pieces that will transform your space!

Learn more HERE

There are plenty of companies that are creating and testing innovative ways of making plant based leather from mushrooms by Mycoworks to coconut by Made by Malai! The new technologies that are being developed will transform the interior design business and will make it easier to find sustainable vegan leather.


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