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With a passion for interior design, blogger, design professional, and owner of Beauty Is Abundant LLC, Leah Alexander, is here to share tips on how to make any space (including that seemingly hopeless bathroom) sustainably stylish!

It's becoming more evident than ever that beauty and sustainability is the winning combo, which is why so many design professionals are increasingly prioritizing eco-friendly and socially-conscious products and practices.

During a panel discussion I recently attended about staging and photographing homes, there was a unanimous groan when it came to accessorizing bathrooms; especially the ones the size of postage stamps, with no windows.

Enter stage left: Soap!

Each of the panelists agreed that beautiful soap was the top way to sanctuary-ize the otherwise drab space. 

The benefits of considering the beauty and sustainability, ingredients and packaging of even the smallest items in the home are three-fold: Squeaky clean conscience; squeaky clean bod, inside and out; and an awesomely accessorized home!   

When searching for soap for self-care that doubles as sustainable styling, small batches made with natural ingredients, free from detergents, chemical dyes, artificial additives or fragrances, sans plastic packaging are the way to go!

Typically these kinds of soaps are pretty in and out of the packaging for a photo ready vanity counter top or open shelving design!

Perfect for your continuation of Plastic Free July into August, September and... 

I don't soap-pose you're loving sustainable sourcing for your newfound socially-conscious lifestyle so much you're thinking of making it a way of life?


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