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Lisa by Roxanne Morrison

Lisa by Roxanne Morrison


Large textured Cream





Roxanne Morrison is a multidisciplinary artist and creative. She is an actress, sculptor, producer, writer, doula and Astrologer- weaving her plethora of creative and spiritual endeavors into a lifelong exploration of the human experience.


"I often find myself drawn to stories that are unsettling or strange. I want to penetrate the very center of the gruesome nature of the lived experience as a human, the messy and unhinged side to an otherwise air-brushed reality we are often faced with."


As Head of Production for Think Better Films, her goal is to help tell complex and imaginative underrepresented stories, while innovating the new mold for the most loving and supportive work environment in film and theater. 

Roxanne has received awards as an actress, filmmaker and producer for her films; 8 count, Disciple, Blackberry, Pit Stop and Hidden Rooms.