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Pierre Jeanneret Cane Bench

Pierre Jeanneret Cane Bench


Attention all design enthusiasts!


If you have a love for exquisite furniture, you won't want to miss out on this iconic bench with its unmistakable V-shaped legs and vast expanse of beautiful rattan seating. This bench is none other than the famous creation of Pierre Jeanneret, a mid-century modern collector's piece that has stood the test of time.


To pay homage to this great piece of furniture design, our rendition of the Jeanneret bench is crafted using only the finest quality wood and rattan. It is a perfect addition to any room in your house, from your bedroom to your living room, and even your entrance hall. Imagine indulging in a luxurious pause on your way out the door with this exquisite bench.


We highly recommend that you pair this bench with one of our luxury seating pads from our range to ensure maximum comfort and to protect the natural rattan cane. With a little bit of added comfort, this bench is perfect for daily use, whether it's for lounging, reading or simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a timeless and elegant piece of furniture to add to your home decor, then look no further than our Jeanneret bench. Trust us, it will be a conversation starter for all your visitors and a beloved piece of furniture for years to come.

Ships within one month.
  • Details


    Width : 54"

    Depth : 18"

    Height : 16.25"  

    Weight: 22 lb (10 kg)

    Made in Indonesia