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Body Soap | Gentle Coconut

Body Soap | Gentle Coconut



An unscented, extremely gentle and non-irritating bar formulated for daily cleansing.

Infused with calming chamomile flowers and soothing calendula petals, this soap is meant to nurture and protect the most delicate of skin types. It contains fragrant raw oils and butters that impart a faint natural scent to the final bar, but it doesn't contain any essential oils in order to keep it as non-irritating as possible.


    Their sustainability efforts do not stop once a package leaves our door. All of their domestic packages are shipped using the UPS® carbon neutral option, which supports initiatives that offset the carbon emissions of the shipment's transport, such as reforestation and landfill gas destruction projects.


    And once our products make their way into your hands, we do our best to ensure that their end-of-life is as sustainable as their production. In order to guarantee that the entire life cycle of our products and packaging does not compromise the health of our planet, we need your help. Please see the guide for information on how to keep Oil + Water products and packaging out of our landfills and oceans.