• Laura


If you’ve ever been to a dinner party, you’ve probably come across a table set with: utensils, napkins, flowers, maybe place holders, all of which include multiple material options. So many options might feel overwhelming but we can help you narrow it down. Not only do these material choices matter in terms of presentation, but also can have a large impact on the environment in bigger picture.

Back in April during Earth Month, Design w Care had the opportunity to share a zero-waste meal with new friends. The event was hosted by Corinna & Theresa of Celsious, Gabe Kennedy of Plant People and Laura Baross of Design W Care.

Throughout the evening we shared insightful tips related to: table décor, snack prep and tidying up that might come in handy throughout the Plastic Free July Challenge as well as the festivities during the 4th. Of course, all tips involved minimal impact on the environment.

The following are a few tips and tricks Laura had to offer:


Talk to your local flower shop about using the scraps or off-cuts from the end of the day. This gives the usually-discarded flower a chance to show off its beautiful color before going to waste. If you are based in Brooklyn NY, make sure to stop in to Sprout Home for gorgeous arrangement options. Once the flowers have served their purpose, please compost them.


Candles add a certain cozy and intimate mood to a dinner party. Once I learned most candles are made of paraffin wax, a product of crude oil contributing to air pollution, my mood had changed. Luckily, brands like Good Light Candles burn bright without damaging the air quality; they’re paraffin-free.


The napkins could be a linen or conventional paper. Coyuchi makes linen napkins and table liners, a perfect waste-free option to single-use paper napkins.


Silverware can always be washed and reused, but before you go purchasing new utensils, take a look around a local vintage shop or asked your friends to bring their own.


Lastly, sometimes you might want to add a little personality to the table with a décor item or two. If you’re lost on where to look for something/aren’t happy with what you have at home, look to circular businesses like Lost and Found and Feather. Renting or borrowing are fantastic ways to save on money and clutter.