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With a passion for eco-friendly interior design, design professional, content creator and owner of Beauty Is Abundant LLC, Leah Alexander, is here with 5 quick tips on how to elevate your business with good design.

Interiors effect how we feel, how we interact with each other and oftentimes how we behave. Today we're pointing out how Design and Business go hand in hand. It's not a secret that thoughtful design influences the way we do business, and the way we live. In the case of retail: "To buy or not to buy". In the case of restaurants and bars: To stick around for dessert or not.

As business owners, Interior Designers and Entrepreneurs we need to pay attention to how we want people to feel and behave in spaces we create.

Here are 5 useful tips for your place of business to be sure your aesthetic is in alignment with the way you want people to feel.


Consider the energy and experience color creates. Recall the most serene or exciting environments you’ve ever enjoyed. Study color psychology, get inspired by chakra colors or consult with a professional.


Be scent-sational. Smell is a huge part of whether or not a space is perceived as beautiful.

Does your brand have a signature scent? Doesn’t have to be a fancy diffuser system. A simple candle will do magic. Keep in mind to chose eco-friendly, paraffin free candles with clean burning.


The difference between brunch and a bar isn’t much more than lighting - and pancakes.

Take care with lighting and how it influences the entire space. Natural light is best for energy (inhabitants’ energy, that is) and efficiency (electrical). Daylighting minimizes dependence on artificial light sources, reducing electricity and HVAC costs. Exploiting natural light can save up to 75% of energy consumed in lighting buildings, as well as reducing cooling costs.


Want people to stay a while? Consider comfortable, supportive seating that is made out of sustainable materials or play with the idea of subscribing to furniture - an easy way to rent furniture pieces, thus making interior design a lot more circular.


Your presence and appearance is an extension of the space you went to great lengths to create.

Comment below to let us know which of these tips you’re putting to good use straightaway!


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