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We're here with Kat from A Newer Kat in Town to share her story about how she redesigned her home office space without harming the planet or her wallet!

Zero Waste Design | Home Office Renovation | Low VOC paint | Eco-Friendly Interiors | DESIGN w CARE

After I began to embrace zero waste and minimalism, I set out to create a home office.

I wanted a place where I could write and create content for my sustainable fashion and lifestyle blog, A Newer Kat in Town.

I chose a clutter-filled room in my house and decided to transform it into the perfect eco-friendly oasis.

Zero Waste Design | Home Office Renovation | Low VOC paint | Eco-Friendly Interiors | DESIGN w CARE


Before beginning the renovation, the first step was to de-clutter. Since I embrace a minimalist lifestyle, I chose to donate and eliminate almost every item that was previously taking up space in the room. The process was so freeing!


After decluttering, I began researching eco-friendly paints and primers. I purchased Bulls Eye Zero Primer and Colorhouse Paint since both products have low odors and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The next step was to remove the wallpaper and prepare the walls for primer. To keep costs low, I used a spray bottle with fabric softener and warm water to remove the wallpaper and borrowed my brother's sander to sand the walls. Don't be afraid to ask a family member or friend if you could borrow a tool before purchasing or renting equipment. Most people are happy to help!

When I finished sanding the walls, I primed and painted the walls white for a minimalist look and created an accent wall using a dalmatian print stencil to give the room a modern feel. Opting for a stencil is another great way to save money as opposed to purchasing wall paper. However, if you are looking for some eco-friendly wallpaper, Eskayel has beautiful collections made from post consumer plastic!

Zero Waste Design | Home Office Renovation | Low VOC paint | Eco-Friendly Interiors | DESIGN w CARE


After finishing the walls, I ripped up the outdated carpet and began the fun part - designing! I sketched the look I wanted for the room using inspiration from Pinterest and began searching for secondhand furniture which led me to Craigslist, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Goodwill, eBay, Sear's, and local thrift shops. Purchasing secondhand is another great way to save your wallet and the planet!

Over the course of about three months, I was able to find almost everything I needed secondhand: a clothing rack, bulletin board, wall decor, curtains, storage, mirror, and bookends. I bought all of the items I was unable to find secondhand at Home Depot, Home Goods, and Amazon including my desk, chair, accent rug, planter, and storage cubes. I'm sure I could have found these items secondhand had I spent longer searching. This is something I will definitely keep in mind in the future!

Patience is key when completing an eco-friendly renovation.

Lastly, after purchasing all decor and furniture, I used my creativity to make some small changes to the secondhand items. I repainted the used storage organizers that I bought at a blowout sale at Sear's and I cut floor-length curtains that I bought at Goodwill to make them more modern. Making small changes to secondhand furniture can make the pieces more modern and attuned to your personal flair.

All in all, I was able to create an eco-friendly home office for under $500 by borrowing tools, purchasing secondhand furniture, and being creative! If you're looking for a similar aesthetic, here are some similar pieces from Apt Deco and Eskayel:


  • Use eco-friendly, low VOC primer and paint

  • Ask family members or friends for tools if you don't have what you need

  • Have patience especially when searching for secondhand furniture and decor

  • Get creative with secondhand purchases

  • Use Pinterest for inspiration and DIY help

  • Remember to have fun and learn as you go!


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